UAB "Klaipėdos monolitas" specialises in a variety of monolithic reinforced concrete structures:

  • foundations;
  • walls, columns, overlays, beams;
  • tanks;
  • concrete roads;
  • tunnels, bridges, viaducts;
  • squares;
  • quays;
  • and all other monolithic structures.

The company is engaged in the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures in the following areas:

  • energy: biofuel boiler-houses, foundations of wind power plants;
  • residential high-rise apartment buildings;
  • administrative, commercial and public facilities;
  • cultural, sports and historical objects;
  • hydraulic engineering: sewage treatment facilities, raw water intake facilities, reservoirs;
  • ports: suprastructural objects, gas, oil terminals, port quays.

  • 2014  –  production control conformity certificate attesting that it’s production control meets the requirements of LST EN ISO 17660-1:2006, LST EN ISO 17660-1:2006/P:2008;
  • 2014  –  certificate of conformity of operations, attesting that the company's operations comply with the requirements of LST ENISO 17660-1:2006;
  • 2007  – has implemented the quality system in accordance with LST ISO 9001:2001;
  • 1998  – the company was issued a certificate from the building production certification centre entitling to be a contractor in the construction of special construction works.